Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have not kept up so here is a long one with pictures!

Lindsay has progressed rapidly. Except for a bout of withdrawal symptoms from the oxycodone (she went cold-turkey and reaped the whirlwind for about 4 days) everything has gone extremely well - at least as well as one could expect after having your leg cut off and put back on with 7 screws. She finished with the CPM (Continuous Passive Motion)machine in about a week and before we knew it, she was back at the university taking classes and working in the library in her wheelchair.

Notice the crutch quiver. She needed to be able to carry books, crutches, tea cup, thermos and lunch. The only thing that would not fit in her lap was the crutches so I made a cardboard tube with a cap on the end and strapped it to the back. Voila!
The next step was getting rid of the wheelchair. We went back to Tacoma to get a check-up and X-ray. Here tiz:

Notice the broken drill bit on the lower right side! Fourteen screws and a drill bit. There have been a spate of jokes. I won't go into that right now.

The doctor was happy with her progress and now she is even able to drive an automatic (yuck) but it's better than nothing.
Here is a side view: