Friday, July 17, 2009

Day One - Part One

Lindsay’s PAO Surgery Log of Events
17 July 2009
0530 Arrived at hospital. We met with the nurse, anesthesiologist and other staff.
0730 We went to the family waiting area and Lindsay went to pre-op.
1340 Noted she was moved to recovery.
1510 Dr. Mayo came out to let us know how the surgery went. He looked tired. He explained that sometimes things just go well but this was not one of those times. It started when a drill-bit broke. Then, while cutting the bone, it split. He had to repair the broken bone before he could begin the actual surgery. Next, he could not get the proper alignment and it took eight attempts to get it right. This is a testament to Dr. Mayo’s determination to get it right – not just good enough. I am also grateful for his brutal honesty.
He also noted that Lindsay is very nauseous from the drugs and the surgery. They are giving her everything they can to alleviate the problem. She will need to be in recovery for another hour and a half.
We asked if any of this would have a negative effect on the outcome or her recovery and he said, “No. She will recover the same and the surgery was a success.”

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