Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pain Smack-down

Now that the epidural is out, the pain levels are up. I don't think she was prepared for it and it hit hard. It appeared that her pain levels were approaching or at crisis levels and she was feeling sick to her stomach so I mentioned to the nurse that she was not doing very well.

Within minutes they gave her something to dull the pain. Also, an occupational therapist, Pam, stopped to help with ways to ease the pain. Here is the cool part: Without me having to ask, they contacted the doctor and got an order for a one-time pain smack-down and increased the dosage of her other meds.

Lindsay is resting comfortably now and she has that typical angelic face. The tears and grimace are history... at least for now.

There is still a long road ahead but the hospital staff are all superb. That makes it easier for the rest of us, too.

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