Thursday, July 30, 2009

A note from Diane

Gratefully, after the unfortunate theft, a new laptop and a repaired connection to my ISP allows me to catch up with Lindsay's progress and the Lermo family team today!
Being there for Lindsay's surgery was a privilege for me, but it was such a relief to know that I was not needed this time! It is almost unfathomable to realize what has to take place to perform, undergo, and endure a PAO procedure, and that this one was 180 degrees different for Lindsay, especially in the initial 48 hours post-op, begins with the wisdom of my brother, Ron, for the way in which the unfolding of events of the first surgery were conveyed to Dr. Mayo, and the magic that took place with the hospital team at Tacoma General thereafter. I do, with great respect, commend Dr. Mayo, his staff, the anesthesiologist and his world-class spinal technique, and the entire team at the hospital for sincerely understanding the needs and for the respectful, careful and professional precision with which they cared for Lindsay and her family. To see the cumbersome machine of medicine run as smoothly as this experience was truly amazing.
Although I have seen a great deal in my years of nursing, it is still difficult to witness the process of someone having to be "broken" in order to be "made whole", especially when it involves family. Lindsay, you handle all of this with such grace! On the brighter side, it was a humbling privilege to see, first hand, the love of a family in action, those that were at the hospital, and those on the home front preparing for Lindsay's arrival as well. The days following the surgery in the hospital are intense, to say the least, but the intensity and dedication required of not only Lindsay, but the entire family, to successfully recover from a PAO procedure are just as astounding when it comes to the day to day process that can take up to a year to complete at home. You all have my admiration.

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