Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day Three

Lindsay showed continued improvement yesterday. Today is no different. She was beginning to experience some pain but she rated it at about 2 on a scale of 1-10. This is a vast improvement from last year when the first 48 hours after surgery she rated the pain at a steady 8 or 9. She still has the epidural and a few other tubes sticking out of her but those will be removed over the course of the next few days and she will be freed to move about. Of course, she won't be dancing or rock climbing soon but that will come in due time.

Her recovery is progressing so well that I was able to confidently tell my sister, Diane, that we did not need her any more so she left to visit the folks. She is a retired RN and having her advocating for Lindsay in the hospital room 24-7 was a God-send - especially last year during the first PAO. Of course, we are all very grateful she was able to be there this time, too. We were very nervous about how events would unfold and it was comforting to know she was there for Lindsay and us. So... Thank you, thank you, thank you Diane. It does not sound very flattering to say that we don't need you but I know you understand and are happy to be unneeded in this case.

Unfortunately, Diane's car which was parked in the hospital parking lot was broken into the night before she left and her laptop along with about $500 worth of other things were taken. It was puzzling because she had it locked and the alarm was set. The crooks managed to break the lock and dis-arm the alarm. Her On-Star protection was useless. Even though it will be expensive to replace the things that were stolen and repair the damage, the most unfortunate thing is the fact that it will be impossible to replace the pictures of her grand-children that were on the hard disc.

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