Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day Two - Part One

Awesome and getting awesome-er.

Although there were many intrusions during the night for blood draws, medication, poking, prodding, etc, Linz slept PAIN FREE during the interludes. It is so hard for us to grasp our and her good fortune. I'm sure pain will come when they remove the epidural but that will be comparatively easy to deal with. We will enjoy it while it lasts.

1015 The Occupational Therapist showed up and not only did Linz sit up in bed, which is all we were expecting, she took two steps with a walker and stayed standing long enough for the nurse to do a change of bed linen.

Everyone is amazed at the job the anesthesiologist did. They use phrases like, "World Class Epidural" to describe the job he is doing to manage Lindz's pain, or rather, her lack of pain.

The teamwork of the staff, the skill and professionalism of the doctors is really showing. We will need a basket of thank-you cards when this is over.

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